About Kol Hadash

“The end result of wisdom is good deeds.”

Kol Hadash is a diverse group of individuals who value independent thought and come to our community with many perspectives. We are like-minded people who don’t think alike. We celebrate cultural Jewish identity through our Humanistic philosophy of life. We honor Jewish culture and tradition while empowering independent, human-centered choices.

Kol Hadash empowers its members to live lives of integrity, and to create positive change in the world. We believe in the fundamental importance of individual responsibility to shape lives of significance and dignity. And we believe that human beings have the intelligence and wisdom to determine the purpose and course of their lives. Some who spent their childhoods in the Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Reconstructionist traditions never connected with these experiences as adults, and seek a more relevant Jewish identity. Some of us were raised as secular, cultural or Humanistic Jews and chose to join a like-minded community for our own families.
 Some of us married Jewish partners, and with our spouses, have discovered the warmth and openness of Kol Hadash that inspires us to explore the deep questions of our own lives.

Together, we celebrate our membership in the Jewish family, and a deep belief in ourselves and in our ability to make a difference in the world. All of us have found a home at Kol Hadash. We invite you to join us.