Subscribing to our calendar

1. Go to your Google Calendar website.  At bottom left, next to "Other Calendars" click on the dropdown menu and choose Add by URL.
2. Paste this URL into the field that pops up: 
 • DO NOT choose "make calendar publicly accessible".
 • Click on Add Calendar.
 • The calendar should now appear on your list of calendars.
3. Since the calendar will appear on your list as a URL rather than a readable name, you can change its name. Click on the dropdown menu next to Other Calendars and choose Settings.
4. Scroll down and click on the name of the new calendar (the URL).  In the top field (Calendar Name) you can rename it (e.g. "Kol Hadash Web Calendar").
 • Click Save. The calendar should now appear renamed in your list.
5. Finally, you need to manually select the calendar to appear in your list of calendar on your mobile device(s). Go to this URL while you're still signed into your Google account:
 • Find the Kol Hadash calendar on your list -- it is probably not checked. Select it in the checkbox.
 • Click SAVE in the lower right.
 • You should now see this calendar listed on your mobile device's list of calendars.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR iCal (for Apple users)
 • Copy the link:
 • Go to iCal -> Calendar -> Subscribe
 • Paste this link in the field provided
 • Copy the link:
 • Go to a new web browser window and paste this link in the URL field.  Outlook will automatically ask you if you wish to add the iCal feed. Yes.
 • You may receive error messages while importing iCalendar feeds into Outlook 2007. You can safely ignore these errors as they do not effect the functionality of the feed
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