Youth Education

The purpose of Youth Education is to educate, not indoctrinate; to inspire a love of truth, rather than give our children a definite amount of knowledge; to stir up the minds of the young, rather than stamp our minds on theirs."

— William E. Channing


Our teachers are caring members of the congregation with extensive teaching backgrounds, many of whom grew up in Humanistic Jewish households. We employ a part-time Education Director and have a Youth Education Committee that oversees the school and curriculum, plans special events, and makes policy decisions.

We are thrilled that many of our graduates choose to become classroom aides to mentor our younger students instead of sleeping in on Sunday mornings.


In the Kol Hadash Sunday School, there are no forbidden questions. Our Sunday School is a safe, respectful place to ask questions and explore what it means to be Jewish. Each class has a well-defined curriculum, covering topics in Jewish history, literature and culture.

Holidays and School Events

Our whole school—students, teachers, and families—come together to celebrate major Jewish holidays as well as to enjoy special programs on Jewish culture.

B Mitzvah

Our B Mitzvah students (gender-neutral, non-binary term for “Bar Mitzvah” and/or “Bat Mitzvah”) choose the subjects of their presentations from the entire range of Jewish literature and history based on what is meaningful to them.


The Confirmation Class curriculum (spanning grades 9-10) is packed with interesting field trips to Chicago-area religious institutions to experience other religions and other forms of Judaism. The students analyze how these religions attempt to answer the big questions of life and explore answers to their own big questions.

Our School's Mission:

  • Develop self-confident, critical thinkers and lifelong, active learners;

  • Explore philosophical and ethical choices through the perspective of Humanistic Judaism to promote a life of integrity;

  • Develop Jewish historical and cultural literacy and an understanding of Judaism as an evolving civilization; and

  • Support a positive Jewish identity and connections to Kol Hadash, the Humanistic Jewish community, the larger Jewish world, and the community of humankind.

Membership in the congregation is required in order to register a child in Sunday School, but we make it easy for people to become members or use “trial memberships” through our innovative membership model.

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