We celebrate holidays through a Humanistic philosophy that emphasizes both Jewish experience and human knowledge, power and responsibility. Our innovative liturgy, which is largely in English, honors our traditions and stimulates our hearts and our minds. Instead of doing things because “that’s the way they’ve always been done,” we explore the meaning behind holiday traditions and adapt them for today. We read, say and sing what we believe.

Our music is in Hebrew, Yiddish and English and includes traditional Jewish songs, Israeli music, and even some familiar American melodies. Services are engaging and no more than 90 minutes long.

Guests are always welcome.


Shabbat brings us together on Friday evenings to celebrate who we are and to find inspiration and enlightenment.

High Holidays

Our High Holidays are a marvelous celebration of the best of our congregation — our unparalleled choir, meaningful readings, thought-provoking sermons and community. 


Sukkot is a fall festival on which all families gather together for a communal meal and a fun singalong in our outdoor sukkah.


On Hanukkah, our families gather for a festive party with games, food, songs. Each family brings their own menorah to "show and tell" the diversity of today's Jewish creativity!

Tu B'Shevat

Tu B'Shevat is the "new year for trees." At Kol Hadash we celebrate with a seder and a message of environmental awareness.



On Purim, our Sunday School students create our own illustrated megillah and dress in costumes for a Purim carnival. We also hold a "Purim for Adults Only" service!


At Kol Hadash, our Passover celebration includes many traditional holiday customs. But in many ways, a Humanistic Seder is different from all other Seders. 

Family Celebrations

Our celebrations for children are a wonderful way for families to connect in a relaxed and child-friendly atmosphere.

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