High Holidays

“Food is as Jewish as fasting"
— Rabbi Adam Chalom
Our High Holidays are a marvelous celebration of the best of our congregation: our unparalleled choir; meaningful readings in our unique service booklets; entertaining and thought-provoking sermons by Rabbi Chalom; and fellowship and community, including a festive dessert reception after the Rosh Hashana Evening Service and a lox & bagel reception after the two Rosh Hashana daytime services. The celebrations are participatory, largely in English (with Hebrew and Yiddish songs) and no more than 90 minutes long!
For a taste of Rabbi Chalom’s High Holiday talks read the discription from this year's theme, “Either/And."
All High Holiday services, except Tots, are held at the beautiful North Shore Unitarian Church located at 2100 Half Day Road, Deerfield.

Adult Services

Our four Adult High Holiday services (Rosh Hashana evening, Rosh Hashana morning, Yom Kippur evening, and Yom Kippur morning) are appropriate for children in 6th grade and older. These are the only services that require an advance reservation for all members and guests.

Each guest admission is $90 per service or $250 for all four adult services.  Or consider becoming a Contributing Member at whatever contribution level fits your circumstances. Read more about our innovative membership model.

Free childcare is available for children age 4 and older (with advance reservation) during the Morning Services.

Read more about Humanistic Rosh Hashana, and Yom Kippur celebrations. You might also enjoy this article by our Rabbi Chalom on the "History of the High Holidays."

Family Services

Our two Family Services (Rosh Hashana afternoon and Yom Kippur afternoon) are free and do not require advance reservations. These services, which last approximately 45 minutes, are appropriate for children ages 5-12 (and parents/grandparents). Learn more about our Holiday Celebrations for Children.

Yom Kippur Memorial and Concluding Service

Our Yom Kippur Memorial and Concluding Service is free and does not require advance reservations. Free childcare is available for children age 4 and older (with advance reservation) during the Memorial Service.

 High Holiday for Tots

Our  “High Holidays for Tots” (ages 0-5) is on the Sunday between the holidays at Deerfield High School.  (Note this is the ONLY service that is not at the North Shore Unitarian Church.)

In those talks, Rabbi Chalom asked,  “Are we "non-believers? Or do we share conclusions and values beyond encouraging everyone to think for themselves?”

Stories & Songs for a Sweet New Year

See the High Holidays come alive for your children with stories, songs, and activities led by Rabbi Adam Chalom and Education Director Dawn Friedman. Storytimes are intended for children ages 0-2 (older children welcome).

Stories & Songs for a Sweet New Year is one in a series of storytimes sponsored by jBaby Chicago. All sessions are free of charge. Learn more.

RSVP for storytime on JUF's website. For more information, contact our administrator, Jeremy Owens, at info@KolHadash.com, or 847/383-5184.


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